• 2012 Shattered Galaxy Fall Tournament

    Welcome to the 2012 Shattered Galaxy tournament. Each match will be played on our tournament server on the dates and times listed below. All matches will be played using the Victory Map settings. Each team will have an evenly distributed number of portals for the duration of the match.

    Heroes participating in the tournament must be played by the character owner. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the immediate disqualification of your TEAM. Matches will be started by Kru employees. If a team does not have at least 140 PR during their match, KRU may disqualify the team. Teams may exit players and reinforce their battles like a normal battle up until the final 3 minutes of a battle.

    All times listed below are for PST.

     Team 2          
     Team 3         
     Team 4          
     Team 5         
     Team 6        
     Team 7         
     Team 8          
     Team 10        
     Team 12        
     Team 13         
     Team 14        
     Team 15         
     Team 16          
    go away         
     go away       
     Team 18         
       go away     
     Team 19        
     Team 20         
         go away   
     Team 21        
     Team 22       
     Team 23        
     Team 24         
     Team 25          
     Team 26         
     Team 27        
     Team 28         
     Team 31          
     Team 32