The Terminus Hero reincarnation feature allows you to gain permanent attribute points for the long-term development of your hero! The number of bonus points you receive depends on the number of reincarnations your hero has undergone along with the total number of bonus levels your hero has accumulated. To qualify for a hero reincarnation, you must be at least level 50 in one of your divisions. You will receive TWO permanent attribute points for each time you reincarnate. You can earn even more points by leveling up beyond level 50 in each division. For each level beyond level 50 in any division, that level will be put into your bonus level bank. The bonus level bank is a running total that takes into consideration all the bonus levels you have accumulated since the first reincarnation. For instance, if you were level 51/50/50/49 in the first reincarnation, you would have 1 bonus level in your bonus level bank. In your second reincarnation, if you were levels 52/50/50/49 then you would add 2 more bonus levels to your bonus level bank, bringing the total to 3. You will receive additional reincarnation points depending on your bonus level bank total. You will receive 1 additional attribute point for EACH of your first four bonus levels. Afterwards, you will need to earn more bonus levels to earn each additional attribute point.

Reincarnation also allows you to redistribute your initial attribute statistics. Your hero will begin again at level 1 in all divisions and lose all units, wealth, and items. All attributes will be reset to 5 and you will have 20 points to distribute (as if you were a new hero) plus the bonus attribute points you have earned. Your record and prestige are carried over into your new life. You will remain in your current faction and planet. Reincarnated heroes will also earn a special graphical designation showing their status as a veteran.

Please note that reincarnation stats are updated daily and may not reflect your current stats. You will earn points for all levels your hero achieves up to the point of the deadline regardless of when you sign up. Your hero must reach the level 50 limit by 11:59 PM PDT on December 19, 2013 to sign up for the reincarantion event. You must sign up for the reincarnation by 12 AM on December 20, 2013.

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